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Orlando, Florida 2/16/19-2/18/19 Heel Defender Supports Dozens of Youth Soccer Players At the ESPN Wide World of Sports venue this Presidents’ Day weekend, the support of youth soccer and healthy lifestyle by Heel Defender was evident.

Through the marriage of modern engineering, materials science, bio-mechanics, and medical knowledge, Defender Operations is revolutionizing the approach to management of lower extremity problems. Six years of research, world class engineering, advanced material science, and 30+ years of biomechanics expertise have created Heel Defender orthotic inserts.

Defender Operations announced on Tuesday that its flagship product, Heel Defender Comfort Orthotic Insoles, has been selected for use in a clinical trial of a new treatment for Achilles Tendonitis. Read more

"Today, Heel Defender's effectiveness is increasingly being recognized by doctors and patients alike, across the USA and internationally. These high quality orthotic insoles are being recommended by doctors for patients who must walk or stand all day while managing their heel pain." Read More.

Monday, 07 May 2018 15:05

"This innovative heel orthotic shoe insert"

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"This innovative heel orthotic shoe insert has been shown to be highly effective in transferring weight off the heel, thereby reducing the impact force and shock felt from standing, walking or running. "Simply the best device for decreasing pressure on the heel," says Dr. Hanft. As a foot specialist, inventor, and user of his own product, Dr. Hanft can truthfully say this is the best device out there for decreasing pressure on the heel." // Click the link to read more about our product!

Heel Defender is designed to transfer weight off of the heel, thereby reducing the impact force and shock felt from standing, walking, or running, the release explains. - via Physical Therapy Products

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